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Haven for Hope is dedicated to transforming the lives of homeless men, women and children by addressing the root causes of homelessness through education, job training and behavioral health services. The Children’s Chorus of San Antonio has implemented a series of Music Together® early childhood classes specifically for the children of families at Haven for Hope. Our objective is to participate in the transformation of lives and to facilitate the strengthening of the family bond through the active participation in a positive and encouraging musical setting.

Music Together at Haven for Hope is a unique blend of music-making and family bonding that directly supports a child’s growth and development. An efficacy of Music Together study in Bridgeport, Connecticut, found that children participating in this program made greater gains in cognitive, language, social-emotional (self-esteem, self-confidence), and physical (coordination) developmental domains than those that did not participate. Children also made greater gains in language acquisition and verbal fluency.

Lastly, parents have noted that participation in Music Together creates “families’ safe space” and “brings a very special bond between not just me and my daughter, but other families also.” Through this shared activity in a safe and non-threatening environment, parents develop relationships with other residents in the Haven for Hope Family Unit, contributing to their support network and to greater expectations for the future of their child/children.