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“I just couldn’t believe how much my daughter changed in terms of her musical appreciation…My daughter really responded to the routine of everything and really finds comfort in the songs whenever we listen to them.”

“It’s a great way to interact with your child while exposing her to music and encouraging new musical experiences.”

“I saw my daughter take her first steps in music class. I heard my daughter’s singing voice and saw her dancing feet for the first time in music class. This past semester I saw her face light up when I played the music at home. I’ll continue to recommend this program to anyone with children for years to come.”

“Music Together® has given us a treasure of music to share with our daughter.”

“I’ve loved watching my son develop musically each week. We sing more at home and look forward to class all week.”

“The teachers recognize gifted students and will work with them to keep things interesting.”

“Music Together® has become an important part of our time together as a family.”

“My daughter and I look forward to Music Together all week. It is truly one of the most rewarding things we do together. I love seeing my daughter so excited about rhythm and music!”

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