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Music Together® is an internationally recognized early childhood music and movement program. Children and grownups joyfully share songs, rhymes, movement, and instrument play in a relaxed, fun, non-performance-oriented setting. Our programs offer special classes for children 8 months and younger, and family classes for those from birth to 4 years old.

Our Classes

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Babies Class

For children 8 months and younger, our Babies Class is a one-semester introduction to Music Together, giving them early exposure to the benefits of music and movement.

Mixed Ages Class

The Mixed Ages Classes are for children from birth through age 4, and allow the children and parents to come together in musically fun and innovative ways.


Music Together offers Music Together con Español, our first “Duo-Lingual” mixed-age class! This is the perfect class for English / Spanish speakers, as well as those who want to experience Music Together in Spanish.

Demo Classes

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4 Ways That Music Impacts Children

Social Stimulation

Research has shown that Oxytocin, known as the “bonding” hormone, is released when listening to and making music.

Brain Development

Studies have shown that children with three years or more of musical instrument training tested better on vocabulary .

Cognitive Skills

That this group would somehow form a family the way we all became the Brady Bunch.

Boosts Creativity

Music education boosts creative waves and sends children’s originality flowing.


What People Are Saying

“I saw my daughter take her first steps in music class. I heard my daughter’s singing voice and saw her dancing feet for the first time in music class…I’ll continue to recommend this program to anyone with children for years to come.”

“I’ve loved watching my son develop musically each week. We sing more at home and look forward to class all week.”

“I just couldn’t believe how much my daughter changed in terms of her musical appreciation…My daughter really responded to the routine of everything and really finds comfort in the songs whenever we listen to them.”

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